Posters and Oral Presentations

A .pdf file of the technical program, including the workshop, may be downloaded here.

Poster presentations:
    The poster sessions will be held in the Mustang Lounge West in the University Community Centre on Wednesday and Thursday.  There is not a separate session for the Student Poster Competition; posters entered into the competition will be judged.
    There will be two posters on each side of the board so your poster must fit in a space approximately 1.2 meters high by 1.2 meters wide.  The location of your board space will be identified with the sequence number found in the general program or on this web site. 
    Posters may be installed beginning at 12:30 on the day of the poster presentation and must be removed immediately after the poster session.
    If a presenter has submitted abstracts for two posters, one poster will be presented each day.
    Presenters are expected to be next to their posters from 13:00 to 14:15.
    Lunch will be available in the Mustang Lounge West from 12:30 to 14:30 on Wednesday and Thursday.

Oral presentations:
    All oral presentations will be given in room 1200 in the Spencer Engineering Building.  This room has a PC equipped with a CD-ROM drive and USB ports.  Presenters are encouraged to bring their presentation on a USB flash drive.  The computers will each be running Windows XP with MS Office 2007 and MS Power Point 2010 Viewer as well as Acrobat Reader.  No zip or floppy drives will be available for use on these machines. 
    All presentations must be given to the AV technician on a CD or USB drive before the start of the morning session on the day you are presenting.
   Presenters are free to use their own laptop for their presentation, but must ensure compatibility with the LCD projector prior to the start of their session.  Mac users must use their own computer equipped with the appropriate VGA adapter.
    Please be sure to embed your fonts and graphics properly in your PowerPoint presentation.  Information on embedding fonts may be obtained by clicking here.  Information on handling graphics may be found here.   

News Flash!  We have received funding from the combined Surface Science Divisions of the CSC and CAP to provide David Jack Student Travel Awards to students who are making presentations at Surface Canada 2013 and are living more than 500 km from London.
Consideration was automatic for all students fulfilling these criteria.  Students meeting these criteria have been notified.
Abstracts must have been submitted through webHermes by midnight, April 1.

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