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Workshop on Experimental Techniques to Investigate Surfaces

Schedule and partial pdf notes for the workshop will appear here by May 11, 2013.

Time Title Presenter Slides per page
9:00 Surface Science Research at Synchrotron T. Ellis 1    3
9:30 Photoemission Spectroscopy X.Y. Cui 1    3


Coffee Break
10:30 Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry: Techniques and Applications in Materials Characterization S. Dimov 1 3
11:15 Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy with Scanning Electron Microscopy and Other Techniques Z. Ding 3


Sandwich Lunch
12:35 Electron Beam Lithography for Plasmonics F. Lagugne-Labarthet Slides
13:00 Applications of FIB/SEM to Nanofabrication and Surface Analysis T. Simpson Slides
13:20 Ion Beam Analysis and Modification for Current Issues in Surface Science L. Goncharova 1 3
14:05 X-ray Photoelectron and Auger Spectroscopy (XPS and SAM/AES) M. Biesinger Slides
14:50   Various Techniques for Studying Electrochemical Energy Storage X. Sun Slides
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